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Aztech Associates Inc.

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Custom Product Development and Manufacturing

Aztech develops custom electronic products to service a wide array of applications.  Our Engineers work with your unique ideas to produce a physical product that you can proudly bring to market.  Our extensive experience allows Aztech to quickly produce product prototypes and work with you through testing to achieve a final design.  With vast experience in manufacturing high-tech products, we have the resources to have your product built for you. Manufacturing management by Aztech allows a seamless response to component obsolescence, shortage, or product design changes.  Aztech’s commitment continues through the product life cycle, managing product warranty, repairs, and redesign support.  Contact Aztech today with your product concept and see how we can help.


Aztech specializes in services for custom product development, remote data acquisition, and manufacturing.  Contact us for a complete list of services or to help you with your custom application.

Custom Engineering

Whether it’s a custom application using our expandable asset monitoring and metering platforms, legacy system integration, embedded firmware, or circuit design and prototyping, our engineers have you covered.

Asset Management

With a family of rugged asset tracking devices built for harsh environments, global coverage and integrated dashboards we can track your assets anywhere. Using our expandable platforms will ensure you have all the information you need.

Energy Management

We deliver real-time information with AMI connected conservation & demand products for the utilities industry,  and sub-metering solutions for industrial facilities. We support integrated scaled roll-outs, and develop custom sub-metering implementation plans.


Whether it is a quick turn PCBA, 3D printed module, production metal parts, production assembly, manufacturing testing, or RMA repairs, Aztech has the right resources and partners to deliver.


Developing custom solutions for over 25 years, we've focused on the key areas that customers look for most.  Making devices smaller, last longer on battery, and endure more physically demanding environments is what we do best.  Contact us to see how we can develop a robust solution or improve an existing one.

Above Earth


Aztech has a number of communications options to keep you connected to your remote devices.  With significant experience in satellite, cellular, and wired communications, we have your application covered.


Low Power

Get the most out of your remote devices with enhanced low power modes, offering battery life up to 7 years.  Low power design means lower maintenance and lower long-term operating costs for your remote sensing solution.

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Internet of Things

Aztech has been developing internet connected devices for over 25 years.  Draw on the experience of Aztech for your internet connected solution.

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Built to Last

With customers in oil field exploration, mining, and offshore environments, Aztech knows how to build rugged solutions.  Do you need to deploy a solution in harsh or challenging environments?  Aztech has the experience to develop electronics to perform in the most demanding applications.

Do you have an idea, but need the engineering resources to make it happen?

Aztech can help!


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