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Aztech Innovates

Aztech Associates Inc. develops leadership solutions for energy conservation in the Home Area Network and industrial sub-metering; and rugged asset tracking and monitoring solutions for the resource extraction and transportation sectors. We are experts in utilizing terrestrial, cellular and satellite wireless systems, and developing low power embedded systems.

Committed to offering a specialized range of products and services, Aztech works closely with the stakeholders in your company to ensure that our solutions solve your problems. Our expandable product platforms enable us to decrease development time, while minimizing custom engineering hours.


Our intuitive technology empowers people with the information they needed to successfully turn problems into opportunities.  We engage partners and channels that support the persistent evolution of the means by which we engage, inform and proactively solve the problems of our customers.


Aztech was incorporated in 1993, and achieved international acclaim after developing a remote tracking system which allowed clients in the oil and gas industry to monitor the precise location of railway cars. Aztech then expanded the system for the shipping industry to monitor parameters such as the temperature of refrigerated cargo containers, the course and speed of ships, and the amount of fuel in an individual truck. In 2006, Aztech leveraged its communications expertise to launch the company’s conservation division, which now serves the conservation and demand needs of the utility industry with AMI connected In-Home Displays and Current Transformer Clamp solutions for the commercial and industrial enterprises.  Aztech continues to leverage its expertise to expand product offerings to the Internet of Things space which has seen rapid growth that is expected to continue for years to come.

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