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Aztech In-Home Display

The Aztech In-Home Display empowers you to take charge of your energy use and costs.

The easy to use Aztech In-Home Display enables you to monitor your whole home electricity usage. It shows you how much electricity you are using, when you are using it and how much it costs. Purchase at

The Aztech IHD provides accurate, real-time electricity use information direct from your Smart meter. You never have to update pricing or Daylight Savings time changes as they are automatically updated.

The Aztech Light Arc: Conservation information at its simplest

The light sweeps from left to right across the Aztech’s Light Arc. The color changes as your electricity rate changes; and the speed of the movement increases as your electricity use increases.

Feature rich and easy to use

The Aztech displays current electricity usage, Quick Read, 24 hour and 28 day screens, as well as detailed summary screens for each time period and tier price. In addition it will display electricity generation information, where supported by utility companies.

Take a tour around your home with the Aztech In-Home Display

Note: If you are an industrial or commercial user with a ZigBee transformer meter, the meter may need to be configured by your utility to allow the IHD to display usage data properly.  This should be confirmed prior to placing your IHD order.


No hassle installation

  • Communicates wirelessly to the Smart meter on your home (check out this short video about Smart meter communication).

  • No utility or electrician installation required – just plug it in!

  • Then, charge the integrated battery for four hours before turning on your Aztech (your IHD is designed to be used while plugged in, but the battery enables Quick Reads*).

  • Follow your electrical utility’s directions (if any) for registering and joining your Aztech.

  • Turn on your Aztech!

Start conserving electricity

The Aztech has the features you need to help raise your energy awareness. It is designed to give feedback about your energy use that you can take immediate action on. For homeowners who want things simple and easy, or those who are interested in using all the information the Aztech provides, there are many ways to save.

Simple and Easy

  • The Light Arc is your best friend!

  • As energy use increases, the speed of the Light Arc increases.

  • As your price of electricity increases, the Light Arc color changes from green to yellow to red (and in some localities, on to magenta and purple).

  • Reduce your usage when the Light Arc is moving fast, and when the Light Arc indicates your are in a period of high prices.

Quick Reads

  • The Quick Read function helps your root out the energy hogs in your home (see Conservation Café for information on how to use this feature).

  • Simply do a Quick read before and after you turn on an appliance (try this during different price periods) and record the difference.

  • Reduce the use of high consumption appliances during high price periods.


  • Your Aztech tracks the amount of energy used at each price point, whether you are on Time of Use (TOU) or Block pricing.

  • See your electricity usage in dollars and cents, and in kWh.

  • Choose from screens with graphs, text or icons.

  • Find out how much electricity you have used so far – for the day or the month.

  • Use your monthly and daily usage screens to spot your usage trends and start to reduce your usage.

  • For solar customers – find out how much electricity you are generating, when you are generating it and how much you are earning.


Success! See the results on your electricity bill

In-Home Displays have been proven to reduce energy usage by up to 10%. Use your Aztech to increase your energy awareness and start saving money.

Please see our FAQ page for answers to the most often asked questions about In-Home Displays, and our User and Configuration Manuals and Conservation Café for more information about conserving electricity with your Aztech.

Device Dimensions

     Height: 3 9/16″ / 9.04 cm (inclusive of Light Arc)
     Length: 3 11/16″ / 9.36 cm
     Width: 1 7/16″, tapering to 11/16″ just below the Light Arc / 3.65 cm, tapering to 1.74 cm just below the Light Arc

     Weight: 5.8 oz / 140 g

Aztech Optio

For home and business owners who want a simple way to save, the Aztech Optio™ has everything you need.

With its intuitive use of light to communicate electricity usage and rate, the Optio™ provides you with the real-time information you need to take immediate savings actions.

The Optio™ communicates directly with your Smart meter, so your electricity rate and rate plan are always up to date. You never have to update time, price or plan changes as these are automatically updated.

Simple and easy to understand electricity use feedback:

  • As energy use increases, the speed of the light traveling around the disc increases.

  • As your electricity rate increases, the light color changes from green to yellow to red (and in some localities, on to magenta and purple).

Utility Message Alerts:

  • From time to time your utility needs to send you email messages about important events, conservation and billing.

  • Your Optio™ will let you when you have received an email using light patterns and colour (set by your utility company).

Two simple steps from purchase to energy savings:


 No hassle installation

  • Communicates wirelessly to the Smart meter on your home.

  • No utility or electrician installation required. (And no on/off switch – just plug it in!)

  • Follow your electrical utility’s directions (if any) for registering and connecting (joining) your Optio™ and Smart meter.

 Start conserving electricity

  •  The Optio™raises energy awareness in your home.

  • It gives you feedback about your energy use that you can take immediate action on.

  • Reduce your usage when the light is moving fast, and when the light disc indicates you are in a period of high prices.

Success! See the results on your electricity bill

Use your Optio™ to increase your energy awareness and start saving money. For homeowners who want a simple and easy way to save, the Optio™ has everything you need.

Please see the Optio™ Owner’s Guide for detailed connection and utility messaging information. Like the Optio™, the Guide is simple and easy to understand – all two pages of it.

Commercial Submetering


Ground-breaking for its power and economics, AztechMeter provides the real-time electricity insights needed by Commercial & Industrial enterprises. If AztechMeter can’t show it to you, you probably don’t need to see it.

The power of AztechMeter lays in the breadth of information that it provides through its customized dashboard, and its powerful trend analysis and reporting.

Providing circuit-level data and comprehensive real-time current and historical data,  this is sub-metering designed for companies with a transformative energy management vision for their facilities.


How does AztechMeter work?

We use real-time electricity use data collected by our current clamps directly from your electrical circuits to provide relevant, timely and actionable information. We make this information accessible to you through a comprehensive dashborad, reports and alerts. Data is stored on a remote server 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year. There is no need to worry about losing your data or running out of storage space.

What can we measure with AztechMeter?

AztechMeter is a comprehensive tool, which will help you to understand each of your facilities and your portfolio of buildings, in ways that you didn't realize. It's powerful trends reporting and alert functions (which we will help you define to meet your goals) will give you the pertinent information you need to manage your operations, energy retrofits, equipment procurement and maintenance schedules. Measure and manage:

  • Polyphase

  • Multiple Circuits (36+)

  • Whole Building

  • Equipment + Systems

  • Energy Consumption

  • Phase Imbalance

  • Power Factor

  • Volts

  • Amps

  • Real, Reactive, and Apparent Power

  • Time On (Duty Cycle)

  • Outside Temperature

  • and more…

How does AztechMeter enable savings and business risk mitigation?

AztechMeter is a valuable measuring and monitoring tool. It will help you realize just how much electricity you are wasting every day and how much money you could save on annual basis by daily reduction of that waste. You will soon recognize that changing the way you work; that working ‘Smarter’ will enable you to use less to do more. The Aztech solution is designed to be an integral part of your long-term electricity efficiency retrofit plans. It enables you to monitor and measure before and after you retrofit; giving you the baseline and results data necessary for your conservation efforts. In addition to fostering energy use awareness and enabling cost and waste reduction, the Aztech solution provides added business security with its ability to send alerts based on user defined events about information that is vital to operations.

A few steps to accessing powerful energy management insights:



Contact Aztech to find out which solution is right for you

  • AztechMeter is designed for commercial and large industrial enterprises using 3-phase power.

  • Scalable, for sub-metering multiple circuits (36+)

  • For 200A to 3000A services (custom voltage and amperage available).

Complete a business and sub-metering goals assessment with Aztech

  • We will work with you to define your goals and the scope of your project.

 Take part in on-site sub-metering assessments

  • We’ll drill down into the particulars of your sub-metering needs, panel by panel, machine by machine.


Receive  a custom designed metering solution

  • Aztech will design your sub-metering system based on your goals and site assessments.

  • Your solution will be installed and commissioned.

  • Basic and advanced analytics training is available.

Use this powerful business tool

  • Monitor and track your energy use.

  • Identify equipment and processes to update to enable deep energy savings.

  • Raise awareness with all departments and staff about energy usage and conservation plans.

 Success! See the results on your electricity bill

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