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Printed Circuit Board

Design and Manufacturing

Prototyping and

Custom Design

Custom Design and Development

  • Full product design

  • Circuit board design

  • Electrical cable design

  • Embedded firmware

  • Mechanical Design

  • Test fixture and automated testing design

  • Certification

Communications Integration

  • Hardware and software communications integration

  • Legacy / incompatible systems communications solutions


  • Circuit boards and electrical assemblies

  • Electrical cables

  • Production metal parts printing

  • Assembly

  • Certification support

  • Product support

  • Testing (product, PCBA, kit)

Prototyping and Testing

  • Initial product proposals and design

  • Proof of concept analysis and testing

  • Quick turn prototype circuit boards

  • 3D printing

  • Design review

  • Manufacturing testing

Value Added Services

  • Procurement, kitting, custom packaging

  • RMA repairs

  • On-site installation, installation guides, troubleshooting, support documentation

  • On-site training

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